Our Mission

Every child is a future citizen. A child is the mirror of civilization. The growth of a child, his grooming and his evolving to a civilized citizen are the barometers, to evaluate the progress of the civilization. Hence, a child deserves an atmosphere where he can exhibit his talents, emotions and learns to adapt to different situations. In Rudra International School all the classes are housed in airy, lighted and spacious rooms. Clean and green campus is open invitation for the children. Rudra International School Basal wants to infuse a wave of education in its surrounding area by inculcating values and literacy in the children. We desire a social change, commitment and excellence in our students. The campus of the school is just 8 km away from Una on Baba Rudra Ashram side. The very purpose of the institution is to give the best performance in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. To maintain the standard of education new teaching aids, methods and techniques of education are adopted and prepares students to understand, contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing global community. The school brings together students of diverse abilities and educators with expertise both in their disciplines and in child development. We provide a dynamic curriculum designed to accommodate multiple intelligences and individual learning styles. A steadfast commitment to equity and inclusion forms the core of our school policy.